User Experience Design


We design user interfaces - from beginning to end.


The idea - it starts with a sketch. In order to create any technology there are a series of design processes that take place. Design starts in a creative space and moves iteratively through analysis and design, refining the ideas, leading through to a more organised Engineering process.


We've designed iOS apps, Web and Multi-touch Books.


UX Research


Research focussed around what people do with technology is at the heart of what we do. Using the deep knowledge of the audience helps us design and explore new and novel technology solutions.


We undertake usability evaluations and explore user behaviours. Using the knowledge of the audience, we conceptualise ideas and turn them into to rapid prototypes which lead to the development of engineered solutions.


We have research and design experience in speech, audio and location-based technologies.





What an architect is to the building industry, we are architects to the software industry. We need to know how people use digital "spaces" and design accordingly to meet their needs.


Your Audience


Understanding who will use the technology is an important part of the design process. We must fully understand what your users will be doing with your app. Failing to truly understand user needs will lead to a design outcome that does not meet expectations. This equates to "doing your research".





The code and and its design needs should be as elegant as the user experience.


Our processes start from prototyping concepts through to engineering full apps. We specialise in iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS, and also work with web-related technologies.





Our roots come from education. We kickstarted user interface programming at a tertiary level way back in 2004. We continue to engage with K-20 and beyond helping students and teachers understand app design and engineering. We bring the science, engineering and design to education.


We are part of the Apple Consultants Network.



Award Winning Design


NSW Blue Star Sustainability Cultural Heritage Award  2016

Interpretation Australia Best of Excellence Award 2016

CitySwitch Partnership Award 2013.


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